1. Are you a U.S. based company?

    Yes. While we have writers around the world, the main office is located in the northeast United States.

  2. How long have you been in business?

    We started work in 2005 and have provided constant service since then.

  3. Where are your writers from?

    Eighty percent of our writers are from the USA and UK, with the other twenty percent based in a variety of countries. However, all writers must pass our strict vetting and assessment process ensuring that no matter where they are from, they have mastered writing the English language.

  4. How are writers assigned to my project?

    Writers are never assigned to projects. Instead, they are free to choose the work they wish to take. This ensures that they have sufficient time to complete the work and that they are comfortable working with the subject material. They are also experienced at researching unknown topics and applying the knowledge appropriately. We feel that this is the most successful way of ensuring that the content you receive is on-topic and of sufficient quality to meet your needs.

    We do have different groups of writers who are specialized in different services and your project will be made available to the appropriate group.

  5. Can I request longer posts be made?

    Our standard is a guaranteed minimum of 25 words (not including quotations used). If you wish to have longer posts, writers can double up with the posts being counted (and priced) the same as two standard posts. We would also be happy to discuss creating a custom package to meet your needs.

  6. What guarantees do you provide?

    We guarantee that all posts will be a minimum of 25 words and will be on-topic. We also guarantee that all work will be unique and written for you, never plagiarized.

  7. What is the confidentiality policy?

    PFP never discusses our clients with other clients or with anyone outside of the PFP staff. Aside from our company social media pages, which are for advertising purposes, neither the company nor the writers ever post about clients on social media. Additionally, writers are committed to a strict confidentiality policy to never tell anyone on a client’s site, including admin and mods, that they are paid to post. If you have any further questions or concerns about this, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss it with you.

  8. How do I get updates?

    For forums, blogs, and social media, updates are offered at regular intervals, typically when we give you a list of the usernames we have registered on your site and when the job is completed.

    Updates for our other services are taken on a case-by-case basis and we will be happy to go over that with you when you order.

  9. If there is a problem, will I be able to contact a particular writer?

    All of our clients and writers communicate through management. Any praise, comments, or issues regarding a particular writer, including requests for the work to take a specific direction or tone, should be directed to management through your support ticket and all information will be relayed to the writer(s).

  10. Do you guarantee that you will meet my deadlines?

    Meeting deadlines according to the schedule that our clients specify is very important to us. However, all deadlines are estimated to ensure a natural progression of the project and to allow for any appropriate research.

  11. Can I discuss my needs with you by phone?

    As an internet-based company, most contact is via your support tickets, live chat, and/or email.