How We Work


Place Your Order

When you place your order with us, you will have the opportunity to make clear any special instructions you have for us. We want to ensure that your project is completed to your desired specifications, so please let us know about any requirements you have. We also do our very best to be flexible and you can always contact us to see about making changes to your order once the project is in progress.

When we receive your order, we will open a support ticket where all communication regarding your project will take place. In the support ticket, you are welcome to contact us with any questions you have and this is also where we will provide you with status updates. **Please note that all projects are assigned their own support ticket, so if you are a repeat monthly client or order more than one project at a time, each will have its own ticket.



Once an order is placed with us, your project is listed for our writers to see. All projects are listed for viewing within the appropriate writer niche. For example, article projects are only visible to article writers, resume projects are only visible to resume writers, etc. PFP does not assign writers because we feel when writers are allowed to choose the work they take, the result is higher quality, more engaging content. However, if you are a repeat client, you can request to have the same writers come back to your job. Even though our writers are allowed to choose the work they take, all work is guaranteed to be completed.



Forums/Blogs: Once a writer has taken a spot on your project, he or she will visit your website and register a username. They will make their first post when the account is activated. Forum posts and blog comments must all be at least 25 words long. More importantly, they will be informative posts, rather than simple “I agree” statements, and they will all be unique. Plagiarism is a serious offense within our company and will result in a writer being dismissed. If we experience any glitches on your site or registration hiccups, we will contact you about it and move forward as soon as the issue has been fixed.

While engaging with other members of your website, including any mod staff, our writers will never disclose that they are hired writers. We understand that confidentiality is crucial and we take every possible precaution to ensure that the privacy of our clients and our writers is protected.

Resumes/Virtual Assistance/Social Media Management/Editing: When you order any of these services, we will open a support ticket for your project and we will discuss particular aspects of the assignment along with any requests and requirements you have.



If your particular project requires articles, you will submit the subject or title of the article you want along with a deadline. One or more writers from our article-writing team will research the subject matter, write the article to meet the word count of your choosing, proof read it for errors and readability, and make sure it is correctly formatted. It will then be submitted to you on or before your chosen deadline.


Status & Completion

At certain points during your project, you will be updated with progress reports. If you have any questions along the way, we will be happy to answer them. Simply log into your account and contact us via the support ticket that was created for the project in question. We work hard to make sure that your project runs smoothly and that, above all, we provide the highest quality and best service for you and your website!

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