Social Media Management

We all realize the impact and importance of social media when it comes to business, but how do you find the time to chat on Facebook all day while trying to actually run your company? We’ve got you covered! You take care of what you do best and we’ll build your followers and keep them happy with interaction.

All social media management packages include an evaluation of the platform you would like to focus on (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). Packages are based on the number of followers you have and that number determines the amount of time we will spend on your page each month.

All packages are based on a 30 day project. We will access your page 20 days out of the 30 and spend the allotted amount of time during each login reviewing comments your followers have made, interacting with them, and “liking” comments they have made. According to your specifications, we will remove any spam and negative or argumentative comments we find.

Your package also includes 15 posts based on your post criteria and requests. For example, you can specify if you would like us to post funny videos, link to articles relevant to your niche, or write posts promoting your company, sales you may be having, boosting a featured product, etc.

The 20 login days and 15 posts will be appropriately spaced out so that you do not have 20 days of activity and then 10 days of nothing.

Please note that a separate package is needed for each social media platform you would like us to manage and we do need to have administrative access to your page for the duration of the project.